Finally! A natural deodorant that does not feel natural! I realize how this must sound, but just hear me out.. I have tried every natural deodorant that you can find in the marketplace today and everyone of them feels uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.  Some are scratchy, some leave your pits with red blotches, you still sweat, and some even leave a weird residue, so it looks like you have cake batter underneath your arms.. Um, not cool! The last thing I need is to be middle aged and single with what appears to be cake batter underneath my arms!

Before I decided to give Primally Pure a try, I was ready to go back to regular deodorant despite the associated cancer risks which I believe to be true.  I’m not a doctor, scientist, or bio chemist, and I’ve never done any cancer research, but I do believe there is a direct correlation between the chemicals in deodorant and breast cancer and for that reason, I feel it makes sense to opt for a natural deodorant especially this one because it feels no different than the brands we are used to and it works just as well.

The first thing I noticed about this deodorant, aside from the amazing lavender scent, is that it is incredibly smooth and creamy, the way a deodorant should be.  If you have ever tried a natural deodorant aside from Primally Pure, you know they can solidify and are difficult to apply.  They almost feel as though you are rubbing sand paper under your arms.. not pleasant when you’ve just stepped out of a hot shower, but here’s the best part.. aside from the incredible smell, creamy texture, and obvious preventive health benefits, it actually works.. like a charm!

Not only did I not sweat, but I did not need to reapply it after my workout, like I’ve had to do in the past with all the other natural brands.  I don’t want to throw other companies who are trying to push their products, under the bus, so I’m not going to mention any of the other brands that I’ve tried, but if you are using any of them, you probably already know which I am talking about.

Primally pure makes a regular and sensitive formula which is the one I use and love.  If it’s strong enough to keep me dry and odorless, it’s probably right for you because I am not a girl who glistens.. I sweat! So here is the answer to all of your natural deodorant prayers, so go score your own at Primally Pure which has a lot of other awesome products aside from this incredible deodorant.

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