Back in the 70’s my parents began seeing a bio chemist by the name of Marie. Marie was said to have some form of cancer which she managed to cure using various juice formulas. My only memory of Marie is her pushing on my bare feet with the eraser end of a pencil. She would do this when we would visit her and write down juice formulas for whatever it was, my parents were trying to cure for. For years to come, many members of my family would visit Marie and juice their way through various ailments. I have seen them cure things I once believed could only be cured by modern medicine. From cancer to acne, the healing powers of natural juice are a force to be reckoned with, but I’ve learned two things are key: consistency and using the right formula.

Another major influence Marie had on my family, was what type of juicer should be used. I don’t think there was ever a day I didn’t wake up at my grandparent’s shore house, to the sound of a Champion Juicer. My aunt, uncle, and father happily juiced away every morning while my mother forced my sister and I to drink the likes of carrot juice, and swore it was good for our eyes. To this day I beg to differ with her.. pure carrot juice burned my throat and my sister is legally blind in one eye. I think she was simply trying to torture us and if the homemade all natural peanut butter on wheat toast didn’t work, she went straight for the carrot juice!

When I was born, my parent’s were vegetarians. Even back in that day, my mother was smart enough to know that we should not be consuming poultry loaded with hormones. She kept us on a healthy diet and as time went on, seafood became our main source of protein. My mother was wonderful. She took the time to make everything from scratch, so she knew exactly what my sister and I were ingesting. I have to give her credit, finding healthy foods in that day was no easy feat. I still remember her dragging us to health food stores and walking through their giant freezers where the food was guaranteed to be fresh. Of course, as kids we protested to no avail.. To say no one ever wanted to trade lunches with us, would be an understand! Our house never saw the likes of Ssips, Yodell’s, or Wonder Bread. If my mother woke up and decided to walk on the wild side, she’d drop a fruit roll up in our lunch box that morning. As much as I gave her hell for it, I’m so grateful she didn’t waiver on what was truly good for us.

To an extent, it is true, we do turn into our parents, and these days, I love to juice using my own Champion Juicer. I have juiced in various blenders, including the vita mix, and while I love my vita mix, I prefer not to juice in it for two reasons: you must add water to it and it grinds everything up including the seeds, pits, and skin which gives it a thicker, grainier taste. The Champion Juicer discards the seeds, pits, and skins, so you end up with only the natural raw juice, and you do not need to add anything to it. It has a beautiful fresh, clean, smooth texture to it, and it tastes delicious.

I did not come up with this formula. It’s a formula that has been around since before the 70’s. It was created by Dr. Norman Walker, who was believed to have been one of the most authoritative students of life, health, and nutrition. He lived to be a 116 years old. This formula was named #33 by Dr. Walker. It is a combination of carrot, beets, and spinach and is to be used to help resolve the following:

can be used to cleanse the liver
used during menopause it has been found much more permanently helpful than the degenerative effects of synthetic drugs and hormones
aids in digestive healing (specifically targeting the colon)
has a valuable impact on teeth and gums
helps in the treatment of ulcers and cancers
dry skin, dermatitis, and other skin blemishes that are due to a deficiency in the body

Most are not aware, but spinach should never be eaten when cooked. I recently learned that when we consume cooked or canned spinach, the oxalic acid atoms become inorganic as a result of the excessive heat and may form oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys. I have no doubt Popeye could attest to this!

Carrot Beet Spinach Juice

makes 16 ounces


  • 10 ounces carrot juice (approximately one bag of carrots or 10 carrots)
  • 3 ounces beet juice (Trader Joe’s raw beets in a bag work great, use about 4)
  • 3 ounces spinach (use an entire bag of baby spinach)


  • Using a measuring cup to allow for the above measurements, begin juicing your carrots, then beets, then spinach.  Stop at 16 ounces
  • Pour through a strainer and into a glass

Here’s the link to the Champion Juicer I use daily

Champion Juicer

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