With all the fretting I do about what I put in my body, I’m ashamed to say, I never really paid much attention to, what I was putting on it, but as I began to take a more natural approach to my beauty regimen, having incorporated such products as frankincense and coconut oil, and seeing the tremendous difference they made to my complexion, I began researching beauty products that were made with safe ingredients.. ingredients I would feel comfortable putting, not just on me, but on my newborn niece, and I was thrilled to stumble upon Beautycounter.  Being a long time devotee to the likes of NARS and Smashbox, I was hesitant to make a change. I’m also embarrassed to say that Sephora is a staple stop on my mall route, and the thought of not stepping into that bright lit, black & white striped beauty extravaganza, caused a slight pit at the bottom of my stomach.

I began incorporating Beautycounter products, one by one, to see how I liked them, and what amazed me most, was the more I used them, the more I loved them, and wanted to coordinate more of them into my daily routine. It made me somewhat sad to know that makeup that looked and felt so good, and was made available with safe ingredients, for so long, and instead I was subjecting myself to brands that didn’t care about me or my health, but instead were only interested in what I was willing to spend, and boy did I spend.. If you’re reading this, and you know me at all, you know I am a skincare junkie, and have spent most of my life chasing down the next jarred fountain of youth, without sparing any expense.

Beautycounter has changed my life.  I can’t believe the compliments I’ve been getting on my skin since I began using their products.  Whether I’m wearing make up or not, people have begun to stop me, and ask me what I am using on my skin.  Of course this makes me feel good, but what makes me feel even better, is knowing that all of these advances are not causing undo harm to my health.  My skin is brighter, clearer, less stressed, and never inflammed.  It’s smooth, always moisturized, and incredibly clear.  After using the “balancing facial mask,” my face looks as radiant as it does after I’ve had a professional facial, and the warm, young and healthy appearance the “dewy tinted moisturizer” gives me, is unsurpassed.  Girls in their early 20’s are asking me what I’m using on my skin, and seeing as though, I’m 42, that’s quite a compliment.

Beauty starts from within and it’s impossible to achieve optimal beauty when you’re putting harsh or unsafe chemicals on your skin because all of those are absorbed into your body and all of your other organs, including your liver are comprimised, so make the switch to Beautycounter to show “your love for yourself!” You will truly be taken aback by the new you and the incredible results you will see, I promise..

The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

Researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health tested 32 different lipsticks and lip glosses commonly found in drugstores and department stores. They detected lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and five other metals, some of which were found at levels that could raise potential health concerns. 

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skin care and beauty industry.

Our Never List goes beyond most companies’ lists that they do not use, and is made up of approximately 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals.

Check out a shortened, pocket size version of our “Never List” that you can print out and use as a reference here.


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At the end of the day, our mission is simple..


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